Quality of Care and patient experiences

NETQ Healthcare provides an influential contribution to the Quality of Health Care by supporting Healthcare Professionals with a user-friendly online patient tracking system.

Meaningful insights lead to growth

We facilitate meaningful insights for people because we believe that meaningful insights always lead to growth and a higher quality of life for individuals, professionals, teams, companies and the community as a whole.

Meet our e-(mental) health, reporting and survey specialists

Management Team NETQ Healthcare:
Management Team NETQ Healthcare:
Ronald Zwartkruis


Ronald Zwartkruis Director
Anko Omlo


Anko Omlo Commercial Director
Jeroen Goosen


Jeroen Goosen Product Manager

About NETQ

NETQ Insights BV is the holding company for the operating subsidiaries NetQuestionnaires Nederland BV (established in 2002) and NETQ Healthcare BV (2008). NETQ supplies products to generate meaningful and surprising insights: basic and advanced Do-It-Yourself survey tools and a monitoring and tracking platform for healthcare.


We aim to provide surprising and meaningful insights as early on as possible. Our primary respondent groups are business clients, co-workers/employees,
entrepreneurs, managers, patients, students and teachers. We also furnish meaningful insights for personal use about and to family, friends and others concerned. Feedback is the mechanism we use to create meaningful and surprising insights. Standard surveys, standardised and validated questionnaires, and user generated questionnaires is its motor.

These survey tools are the driving force behind all our NETQ products and ensure our users can generate insights easily. Their content is aimed at all interested parties of each respondent. We also believe in the ‘power of the crowd’. Users of our products are invited to join our large community to raise and respond to questions and to generate and share valuable content.


We are enthusiastic, motivated and happy to think with you. Drive, Entrepreneurship and Teamwork are our core values. Through collaboration and co-creation with our partners and customers we achieve the best solutions.

User-friendly, fully automated solutions

Unique and attractive dashboards and reports

More than 16 years of experience in online research and monitoring

Customers rate our helpdesk at an 8.0


Extensive and customized training and implementation


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