Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) are being developed for the following medical specializations:

PROMs Bariatrics PROMs Ophthalmology
PROMs Cardiology PROMs Orthopedics
PROMs Dermatology PROMs Pain Relief
PROMs Phebology PROMs Plastic Surgery
PROMs Intensive Care PROMs Rehabilitation Medicine
PROMs Neurosurgery PROMs Trauma Surgery
PROMs Oncology PROMs Value Based Healthcare

You can find the questionnaires that are directly available through our software by clicking on this link. If you cannot find the questionnaire you are searching for please contact us directly.

We are continuously enriching our library with new questionnaires and will do so upon request. Additionally, as a NETQ customer you are always able to create and add your own questionnaires to a personal library.


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