Security of NETQ PROMs

Seeing as our online software gathers a substantial amount of medical data and personal patient information, data security and data protection are major areas of  concern for NETQ Healthcare. We use the NEN 7510 norm as a guideline for directing our data protection. This norm dictates that a Health Institution is accountable and responsible for the insuring of the correct implementation of data security guidelines. NETQ Healthcare supports institutions in their adherence to this process by offering:    

  • planned releases and iterative software development (status of development easily visible through our ticketing system)
  • availability of software and data (according to SLA)
  • Password requirements for authorised users (dual authentication available)
  • Protection against unauthorised use (physically secured data, transport of data and protection against unauthorised use)

Data Storage

NETQ Healthcare stores customer data according to the ISO 27001 guidelines. Data centers are located in The Netherlands and fall under Dutch law and jurisdiction.

More information?

Find extensive information (in Dutch) here: NETQ factsheet NEN 7510 en WBP

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