Improving Quality of Care with NETQ ROM

Monitoring patients on a regular basis provides both professional and patient with valuable feedback as to the development throughout care. This is what Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) sets out to do. NETQ ROM offers an automated process through which these questionnaires can be sent to and filled-out by patients, therapist and family members.

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Mental Health Institutions in The Netherlands have deemed NETQ ROM the most user friendly and extensive software tool for Routing Outcome Measuring. Three of the largest Mental Health Institutions, Parnassia Groep, Arkin and Pro Persona are experiencing great satisfaction in working with our tools. NETQ ROM can provide added benefits for psychiatric hospital wards, hospitals and specialized health institutions due to its scalability and flexibility, and its facilitation in the delivery of data to Stichting Benchmark GGZ.

Examples of NETQ ROM for professionals, organisations, managers, patients and researchers:


Academically validated questionnaires

NETQ offers an extensive library of validated questionnaires that measure symptoms, quality of life, patient functioning and patient satisfaction. Invitations (and reminders) to questionnaires can be sent automatically. Reporting and progress can be viewed in a NETQ dashboard per patient or treatment protocol.

We are constantly aligning with the guidelines set by Stichting Benchmark GGZ.

"Patients fill in the questionnaires at home and professionals can view the outcomes in their EHR dashboard. Results are displayed in visually attractive and clear dashboards. NETQ allows us to be more pro-active!"
— Kennemer Gasthuis


Reports and dashboards that are easy to use and interpret

We offer a flexible tool so that you can design your own dashboards and reports precisely as you see fit. You can measure everything from response rates to satisfaction scores.  Reports are available at different levels of abstraction, from patient to organisation.


Trustworthy appearance for higher response

In order to ensure high level rates of response you want the questionnaires, emails and reports to have a professional and trustworthy appearance. We facilitate this by customizing emails, questionnaires and reports with your corporate identity.

“NETQ ROM is the most extensive and user friendly system on the market.”
— De Jutters, jeugd GGZ


Benchmarking: growing by comparing

We facilitate the delivery of data directly from NETQ ROM to third-parties such as Stichting Benchmark GGZ. This facilitates external benchmarking. You can also benchmark internally by aggregating data to compare teams or even professionals with one another.

"Every department and patient population is different and so are its levels of satisfaction and response. To ensure that we can increase overall levels of satisfaction NETQ helps us look at each department or patient group and evaluate what we could change or improve. We hope to hereby increase our overall level of response rates as well."
— Parnassia Groep


Save time with automated ROM pathways

Our software tool offers something known as the NETQ Pathway Manager. This tool facilitates the automation of ROM pathways : a set of invitations, questionnaires and reports that is offered to any given patient population. Professionals can design these pathways on the basis of patient characteristics, such as diagnosis or date of birth. When a patient meets the criteria they  automatically enter the fitting NETQ ROM pathway (saving the professionals lots of administrative time).


"NETQ's Pathway Manager allows us to instantly link patients to their fitting ROM pathway. This saves our administrative team a lot of time and increases our response rates."


Easy import and export of data

NETQ ROM has a data-entry module that allows data previously filled-in with pen-and-paper to be entered into the system (in bulk or individually). Data is just as easily exported from the system in XML, Excel or SPSS for research purposes.


Integreate NETQ ROM with your EHR for higher efficiency

In order to ensure proper monitoring and care through NETQ ROM organisations need to register some health related information regarding their clients. This includes name, e-mail address, date of birth, diagnosis. Considering that this information is already present in an EHR system it makes more sense to link or integrate this system with NETQROM and avoid double registration of data. We facilitate this type of integration.

Additionally, we facilitate integration with e-Health systems to make patient experience as pleasant as possible.


"We synchronise the data in XMCARE of 20.000 patients and their network, with NETQ ROM every day. NETQ's Pathway Module then ensures that all patients enroll in the right pathway automatically."
— ProPersona

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