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SBG is a Dutch conglomerate founded by Health Insurers and providers in The Netherlands. Their goal is to quantify the quality of mental care being provided in The Netherlands. SBG has set a mandate by which all Mental Health organisations in The Netherlands have to meet a ROM/PROMs measurement requirement for at least 40% of their patient population. Not meeting these requirements has possible fiscal consequences for the organisations involved.

To support our customers in meeting these requirements NETQ Healthcare has developed the “data delivery module”. This module:

  • facilitates monthly automatic delivery of relevant data
  • saves time
  • ensures that data meets SBG requirements
  • sends through all relevant and required scoring of raw data


NETQ Data-Delivery Module

Our data delivery module enables the import of EHR data which is them combined with all relevant ROM/PROMs data in our system. It yields an XML file which can be safely sent to SBG.

This module consists of the following elements:

  • Export Database: a safe export that contains all relevant data for your organisation and can be accessed via a secured ftp-server once every week / month. The Export Database creates a .bak file that you can then transfer to a local Data Warehouse or to your EHR
  • SBG delivery module: this module combines imported EHR data with relevant ROM/PROMs data from our system. In order to import data from your EHR the data needs to be made available to our systems in a fitting XML file.   

SBG recommended ROM tools:

– Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale Extended version: for the measuring of symptoms in adults with severe psychiatric disorders

-Brief Symptom Inventory (short version of the SCL-90-R): for the measuring of symptoms in adults with severe psychopathology

-Caregiver-Teacher’s Report Form: for the measuring of symptoms in children

– Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 1½-5 (CBCL/1½-5): for the measuring of symptoms in children

-Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 6-18 (CBCL/6-18): for the measuring of symptoms in children

-CQ-index: for the measuring of patient experience in short-term psychiatric care

-DASS-21 Depression Anxiety Stress Scale-21 (MATE-10)

-HADS: for the measuring of anxiety and depression during hospitalisation

-HONOS: for the measuring of social functioning in people with severe psychiatric disorders

-KKL (short for SCL-90): for measuring of symptoms in regular psychiatric care

-MANSA: for measuring quality of life in adults with psychiatric disorders

-MATE: to determine level of addiction

-RAND-36: for the measuring of quality of life

– Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ): for the measuring of symptoms in children and adolescents

-Teacher’s Report Form: for measuring symptoms in children and adolescents



Aanleveren SBG - Tilburg Mentaal“The automatic transferring of data is both cost and time effective. What would otherwise take several hours every month is now done in minutes. And, it ensures that fewer errors are made thereby securing the quality of our data.”
– Tilburg Mentaal

Questionnaires as suggested by SBG:

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