Working on quality of care with NETQ PROMs and PREM

Gaining insight into the Quality of Care provided by a Hospital is essential for the health of the business. Find out how PROMS can help you gain insight into this by speaking to patients about their experiences and satisfaction.

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What are PROMs?

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) are academically validated questionnaires that measure patient satisfaction and patient experienced quality of care. They provide insights into the effectiveness of treatment when administered in a timely fashion. Effectiveness can be evaluated in terms of changes in quality of life, pain, mobility, social functioning and changes in psychosocial functioning. PROMS yield insights on both the patient and group level quality of care. NETQ Healthcare also has the Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM) in its library. This is a relatively short questionnaire that measures a patient’s experience as to the quality of information, treatment, after-care and space for individual feedback being provided by the health professional or organisation.


NETQ Healthcare’s software offers the opportunity to evaluate patient satisfaction using the Net Promoter Score as well.

How PROMS benefit organisations, professionals, managers, patients


Improving Quality of Care with NETQ PROMs

The need to monitor quality of care is becoming ever more pressing for Healthcare Institutions. Patient reported experiences regarding the medical effectiveness of treatment are an excellent indication of Quality of Care. NETQ PROMS is a user-friendly tool with which patient experience and quality of care are easily monitored.


User friendly patient reports

Patients receive an email invitation to fill in a questionnaire, which can be filled in from any device at any location connected to the internet. When patients are unable or unwilling to fill-in questionnaires from their homes, NETQ Healthcare’s software also supports the ability to directly access the questionnaire through a table or computer in the waiting room. Health professionals have the option of creating and automatically sharing patient reports as a result.

Health professionals

Gaining insight into a patient’s progress and timely intervention

NETQ PROMS gives Health Professionals easy access to their patients’ outcomes by enabling access through the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems. This so-called EHR viewer ensures that Health Professionals have immediate, single sign-on, access to patient data. NETQ Healthcare’s software tools also facilitate automated notifications for outlying data, via direct e-mail to the Health Professional and visual notification in the NETQ dashboard. In this way, NETQ Healthcare’s tools offer easy insight into a patient’s progress and timely notifications for intervention.


Continuous feedback on treatment outcomes, patient satisfaction and NPS

Health Managers can use NETQ PROMS to receive continuous feedback on treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.


Exporting data in one click.

Researchers can export PROMs data directly to XML, Excel and SPSS or import data into their data warehouse.

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