EHR integration for hospitals

Healthcare is becoming increasingly patient centered. To ensure the delivery of a high level quality of care, organisations need to gain as much insight as possible in treatment outcomes and patient experience.  Most treatment information is sourced within the Electronic Health Record (EHR) of any given patient. To enrich this data with patient experience, NETQ Healthcare facilitates integrations with most Electronic Health Care systems in The Netherlands.  In this way, we help create an integrated patient profile that is easily accessible for every Health professional.


Benefits of Integration with EHR

-All patient information in one source

-Professionals can access all information through single sign-on

-Less erroneous data in your systems through synchronisation of patient data

-Lessens administrative load of double registration


Existing Integrations

To-date NETQ Healthcare supports integration with the following systems:

  • CS-Ezis, Chipsoft
  • Nexus /EHR
  • MC EHR, Medicore
  • User, Impulse
  • mijnQuarant (PSYGIS Quarant), Pinkroccade Healthcare

Upon inquiry we are able to facilitate the integration with other EHR systems.

Additionally, NETQ Healthcare facilitates links with several communication servers such as Cloverleaf and E.Novation.

Interested in NETQ PROMs?

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