The following questionnaires have recently been added to the NETQ library.


The VGFO is a tool through which parents can provide insights on the family environment. The questionnaire consists of 63 statements, asking the parent to indicate to which degree the statement is true or false for their family. It addresses the following areas: basis care, social contacts, parental skills, sense of safety within the family unit, individual functioning of each family member and marital relationship.


The FIT-60 measures an individual’s degree of flexibility when it comes to dealing with difficult thoughts, feelings and physical experiences. The degree of flexibility is based on the six key processes of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: acceptance, defusion, committed action, contact with the present moment, values and self in context.

HoNOS for Forensic Population

The HoNOS is a measure for the general health and social functioning children and teens suffering from mental illness.


The ADP-IV is a self-report measure of the DSM-IV Axis II for personality disorders.

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NETQ ROM monitoring tools make it easy to track clients, family members and health professionals with regards to a patient’s progress and wellbeing.  

Our library contains a rich collection of validated questionnaires that measure  quality of life, functioning and wellbeing, symptoms and quality of care.

Applying NETQ ROM

NETQ ROM provides insights through which to improve the quality of care you provide as an organisation.

  • Genormeerde en gevalideerde vragenlijsten en instrumenten
  • Gebruiksvriendelijke, uitgebreide, volledig geautomatiseerde oplossingen
  • Unieke en aantrekkelijke dashboards en rapporten, per functie in te richten

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Why use NETQ ROM?

NETQ ROM has been valued as the most user-friendly and extensive tool for Routine Outcome Monitoring in The Netherlands. Three of the largest Mental Health Organisations in The Netherlands, Parnassia Groep, Arkin and Pro Persona work with our tools to great satisfaction. NETQ ROM is a great software tool for large Mental Health Institutions, Psychiatric Departments in Hospitals, Specialized Care Institutions and Academic Centers. NETQ ROM facilitates easy delivery of data to Stichting Benchmark GGZ.

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