The Outcome Questionnaire 45 (OQ-45) is licenced by OQ-Measures and available through our library.

The OQ-45 is a self-report questionnaire designed for repeated measure during therapy and upon termination. It measures patient functioning in three domains: symptom distress, interpersonal functioning and social role. Each of the 45 questions can be answered on a scale from 0 (never) to 4 (almost always).

Each of the domains is measured using a set amount of questions.

-Symptom Distress: consists of 25 items on depression, anxiety and drug/alcohol addiction.

-Interpersonal Functioning: consists of 11 items on loneliness, conflict with others and marriage and family difficulties.

-Social Role: consists of 9 items on difficulties at school, home or workplace duties.

Overview of Mental Health Questionnaires

You can find our entire collection of questionnaires for the field of Mental Health this page.

Using the OQ

It is not necessary to make arrangements with OQ-measures for the use of the OQ through NETQ ROM. NETQ Healthcare will do all the administration for you.

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